To VRIHAD Infrastructure

The Conception of the Company started with a dream. The dream of and innovative and strategically focused business which integrates the society, provides jobs to the unemployed and elevates the society. These basic contents amalgamated with presided planning and intelligence was taken forward as a growth strategy by Mr. Rajib Dey in the year 1993 to farm the water purifier and FMCG Products manufacture and marketing Vrihad Aqua Industry and Vrihad Health & Home Care (band Crystal Aqua & Vrihad Health) an identity market by brilliance, quality and trust is a true story of achievement. Mr. Rajib Dey a long with Mr. Debabrata Sen, Mr. Moloy Mitra, Mr. Mahadeb Paul, Mr. Subir Mondal planned diversify Vrihad Infrastructure India Limited into various other industries. To day Vrihad Infrastructure India Limited with various diversified projects proving no dream in too big foster.

This growth and success was a group effort and the credit goes to the people associated with the company. We understand the value of each and every individual in our extended family. It is a synergy of talent, ability and human touch which gives us the edge and has resulted in producing and unrivaled standard of excellence. We are a group that is trusted by the people because of the impeccable in process quality controls, the careful discrimination in the choice of raw-materials and never ending gust for excellence.

Upcoming Projects